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At Maitri Path to Wellness, we are dedicated to transforming lives through compassionate behavioral health and substance use disorder services. Our team of experts is committed to fostering recovery, building resilience, and advocating for wellness in our community. We invite you to become part of this meaningful journey, contributing to a world where mental health and substance recovery are accessible and supported.

Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC) Job Description

Who We Are:

Maitrī Path to Wellness is a haven of empathy and growth, committed to fostering the best environment for both our clients and our team. We specialize in supporting individuals battling addictions, PTSD, anxiety, depression, grief, and life transitions. Our ethos, rooted in the principles of benevolence and loving-kindness, drives us to tailor our services to each client’s unique journey. This includes Individual Psychotherapy, Accelerated Resolution Therapy, SAP Evaluations, and Substance Use Disorder Counseling.

Our Founder’s Vision:

Kelly Jones, LCSW, CADC, envisions a community where individuals and families are empowered to overcome challenges and achieve beyond their expectations.

Position Overview:

As a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor at Maitrī Path to Wellness, you will provide outpatient individual, group, and family therapy. Our ideal candidate embodies compassion, community-focus, equality, LGBTQ+ support, and a drive for social justice. This role is an opportunity to join a vibrant, collaborative, and dedicated team.

Caseload and Compensation:

Our goal is to ensure a balanced workload for our clinicians, prioritizing client care, accurate record-keeping, and personal well-being. Clinicians typically manage 5-8 individual clients per day, depending on their schedule. Compensation details will be discussed individually, with flexibility to accommodate preferences.

Reporting Structure:

Directly reports to Kelly Jones, LCSW, CADC, SAP – Founder/Therapist, and Brenden Fasken – Chief Operating Officer.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Conduct comprehensive, ASAM-based assessments; develop personalized treatment plans.
  • Employ evidence-based practices in individual and group counseling.
  • Maintain meticulous records and documentation, adhering to HIPAA standards.
  • Offer family-centered services as needed and approved by the treatment team.
  • Provide dedicated individual sessions to assigned clients.
  • Uphold all ICB rules and regulations.
  • Collaborate effectively with staff to enhance client services.
  • Handle clinical responsibilities for colleagues as needed.
  • Engage actively in staff meetings and professional development.
  • Maintain and update credentials; pursue skill advancement.
  • Stay informed about community resources and build professional networks.
  • Facilitate communication with referral sources and partner agencies.
  • Contribute to training and development of new staff members.
  • Fulfill other duties as assigned.


  • Bachelor’s degree (preferred).
  • Certification as a CADC.
  • Alignment with our mission, vision, and values.
  • Strong organizational, communication, and team skills.
  • Independent task management abilities.
  • Capacity to manage an average of 29 hours of client sessions weekly.
  • Experience in private practice (preferred).
  • Expertise in a counseling niche market (e.g., trauma, anxiety, grief).
  • Active CAQH ID# and NPI number (advantageous).

Recovery and Inclusion:

  • Maitrī Path to Wellness honors the recovery journeys of individuals and prefers hiring those in recovery for client-facing roles. A minimum of two years of recovery is required for such positions, if disclosed.

Onboarding and Credentialing Process:

Credentialing with insurance companies may take 4-8 weeks. We assist with CAQH registration, NPI number acquisition, license/certification renewal, and insurance company contracting.

Who Should Apply:

Professionals passionate about contributing to the community’s well-being, eager to engage in meaningful work, and interested in promoting inclusivity and awareness. You are perfect for this position if you resonate with our mission and values, are passionate about community growth, and thrive in a creative, supportive environment. We offer a platform for impactful work, encouraging direct feedback and proactive problem-solving.

About Maitrī Path to Wellness:

We are committed to reconnecting individuals with essential life aspects and advocating for self-care. Our values focus on meeting needs, caring, respecting, empowering, and leading in community service. We invest in quality, promote inclusivity, and foster strong community relationships.

Maitrī Path to Wellness is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.

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