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At Maitri Path to Wellness, we are dedicated to transforming lives through compassionate behavioral health and substance use disorder services. Our team of experts is committed to fostering recovery, building resilience, and advocating for wellness in our community. We invite you to become part of this meaningful journey, contributing to a world where mental health and substance recovery are accessible and supported.

Career Opportunities

Explore a range of fulfilling career paths with us.
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Clinical Therapist:

Engage directly in the transformative process of mental health and substance use disorder counseling. Bring your expertise to provide therapy that empowers, heals, and supports our clients’ journeys towards wellness.

Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC):

Specialize in substance use disorder counseling. Play a pivotal role in designing and implementing effective treatment plans, and be an anchor of support and guidance for individuals navigating the challenges of recovery.

Certified Recovery Support Specialist:

Offer peer support and utilize your own experiences in recovery to inspire and assist others. Be a living testament to the possibility of lasting change and a key support in our holistic care approach.

Internship Opportunities

Per Diem Internship:

Ideal for students or individuals seeking practical experience in behavioral health. This flexible opportunity allows you to immerse yourself in the field, develop professional skills, and contribute to our mission, regardless of your current level of training or specialization.

Volunteer with Wellness And Recovery with Maitri (WARM)

Make an Impact in Your Community

Volunteering with WARM offers a unique opportunity to contribute to the heart of our community’s well-being. Our volunteers are invaluable assets, helping us extend our reach and deepen our impact in supporting individuals recovering from substance use disorders and promoting mental health.

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